With the cooperation of Wow Labs Ltd. in 2015, Beehive-UMK has successfully implemented two entrepreneurial leadership program called “Beehive Creation Team” in January 2015 and “Development Module & Entrepreneurship Incubator”. Then, after the second visit by the Wow Lab Ltd., Beehive UMK has successfully organized “Mini Busking Festival” and “Beehive Prototyping Program” which was conducted in April and May 2015.

In October and November 2015, Beehive-UMK once again held a program in conjunction with the third visit by Wow Labs Ltd. namely “Beehive Entrepreneurial Coaches Program: Innovation & Entrepreneurship” which was conducted recently for one month from 12th October 2015 to 03rd November 2015.There were there main activities of the program, namely: Training of Trainers (TOT), Beehive Design Challenge Competition, and Boot camp. Then the last Beehive activities program for Beehive in 2015 was the Intellectual Synergy Exploration and Collaboration with ASEAN Communities Program which had been held on 10th to 14th November 2015.


BEEHIVE Programs 2015