Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerators Program (YEAP) is the theme of the project organized by Beehive UMK. This project was funded by the US Embassy Kuala Lumpur and a collaboration effort of UMK, US Muslim Community, Babson College and Wow Labs Ltd., Paris. Beehive UMK is specially developed to encourage young entrepreneurs to experience, to find opportunities and to share business point of view with other entrepreneurs. It is also built for the purpose of educating students, entrepreneurs, businessmen and the people on how to get involved and be motivated in the business world.

In 2014, there are six programs had been run which are:

  1.  Workshop Series 1: Generating Business Idea;
  2.  Team Building: Training Camp;
  3.  Business Proposal Competition: Crafting your vision;
  4.  Smart Social Entrepreneurship at Pitas, Sabah;
  5.  Workshop Series 2: Problem Solving Skills;
  6.  Workshop Series 3: Upreneur Next Door.

2014BEEHIVE Programs 2014