“I hope to see BEEHIVE grows stronger and stronger. Let’s BEEHIVE be the premier entrepreneurial hub in public universities in Malaysia”


BEEHIVE is formed to strengthen the research’s and innovation’s KPI in UMK. Through BEEHIVE, I hope this would  boost-up UMK as leading entrepreneurship university in Malaysia”

Prof NikB

As a team, we are working close together to achieve visions and missions of BEEHIVE.  In the future, I hope to expand BEEHIVE’s network in all public institutions throughout Malaysia.”


“BEEHIVE@UMK is one of the best platforms to enhance involvement of Muslim youths in social innovative entrepreneurship”



“This a huge success for BEEHIVE@UMK as they managed to organize multiple beneficial activities within the period of 2 years. We will continuously support them in future”

charlotte mr-michele

“We are honored to be collaborator of BEEHIVE@UMK. We will be working together with BEEHIVE to strengthen the entrepreneurial activities in UMK”