Tadika Perintis Aulad

The early childhood education based on entrepreneurship education practised by Perints Aulad Kindergarten is aimed at fostering the entrepreneurial start from a young age so that the government’s desire to produce more entrepreneurs in the future can be achieved. The number of the student now 19 students.

Warni Aurora by Futurizz Venture

Warni Aurora is a batik company’s brand by students from University Malaysia of Kelantan, which held by Futurizz Venture project under BEEHIVE@UMK staffed by Global Entrepreneurship Research Innovation Centre (GERIC). Warni Aurora was officially inaugurated on 20 September 2016 by YB Datuk Dr. Mary Yap Kain Ching as Deputy Minister of Higher Education of Malaysia at Entrepreneurship Hall, at University Malaysia of Kelantan.

Usratul Malika Enterprise

Usratul Malika is a Beauty and Wellness Centre based on UMK students efforts. As we know, for a beauty center there is a variety of services and products supplied. Here we introduce facials, body massages (head-to-toe), provides the best-selling beauty products in the market. Almost 90% of the products are from Avon. Usratul Malika has strong collaboration between Avon and UMK since signing of MOU agreement in this university.

Ruby Coffee

Ruby Coffee Enterprise is considered as one of the leading university’s coffee company that runs entirely by students and has been noticed by outside potential investors to spread the marketing business to a whole new level. Ruby Coffee serves the finest coffee with affordable price will attract more customers especially youngsters.

Ezy Vine

Ezy Vine Enterprise was established on 27 September 2016 by UMK student and registered under Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) and Syarikat Siswa Universiti (SSU) UMK. The project  is to cultivate oyster mushroom.