Perintis Aulad Kindergarten (Tadika Perintis Aulad) has been established on 27 December 2015, running by student that active member of Beehive Club at Beehive@UMK. This kindergarten was based on Islamic law and the intermediate language is English. The concept of kindergarten in “Social Entrepreneurs” and “Play-based Learning” through Hands-on approached. Perintis Aulad Kindergarten located Lot 5048, Kg. Pak Elong, Mukim Repek, 16300 Bachok, Kelantan. It is at the back of “Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara” (IKBN), Bachok. Also near with University of Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) Bachok Campus.

The principal of the kindergarten was Miss Maysarah Mohd Drus. The combination ideas and opinion from the ceolecturers especially Prof. Dr. Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad has able to boost up the business. Services that offered were not only the kindergarten but also playschool, reading Al Quran class, intensive reading and Islamic lecture for kids. The key of business is providing best services for customers through good surrounding, comfortable and fun learning environment. Used play based learning concept because it is effectively for students to learn something new. Moreover, this kindergarten established for exposing the villagers about the importance of knowledge. It will be helpful for them in the future because nowadays the young generations were smart but needed to polish their skills by giving knowledge and let them experienced the environment.


organization chart


Perintis Aulad Kindergarten started with one student on January 2016. On February additional six students (one of them is staff’s child from UMK Bachok Campus), then two of them have to transfer other place. On April one of them have to move because of family reason. Numbers of students are four until July. Last August Perintis Aulad kindergarten received another student, and then next month received another two (staff daugther’s from UMK). Lastly, new student which is her parents is lecturer from UMK Bachok Campus.

This year (2017), Perintis Aulad Kindergarten received 6 new students on January the first day of school. Even though is just a small achievement but it really giving a huge impact to the business which is mean the kindergarten started to be known by the community. The current number of student is 14; 9 kindergarten and 5 playschool. Not only that, there are increasing number for the other services too.

Number of current students:

Services Number of students
2016 2017
Kindergarten 4 9
Playschool 4 5
Reading AlQuran Class 20 18
Reading Intensive Class 5 8
TOTAL 33 40

There are little impacts that can be seen after this kindergarten was established in that area. The villagers are aware about early education for kids. There is increasing demand on Reading Al Quran Class and Reading Intensive Class. Furthermore, students have improved their communications skills in Malay and English languages. Also, students are taught and given example of good behavior.


Twin’s Birthday Party 25th February 2016Twin’s Birthday Party: 25th February 2016

This was the first event that held in the kindergarten. The event held during night since there were only a few students for kindergarten. So, all teachers suggested to twin’s parents to celebrate it together with students from Reading Al Quran Class. It so happening and the kids were enjoying it.

Insaniah Camp: 11th & 12th March 2016Insaniah Camp 11th & 12th March 2016

 This camp created for participants that want to fill up their free time during school break. Objectives of the program are; participants able to learn how to be persons that independent, creative in solving problems, teamwork, sharing and get to know with nature.

Visit at UMK Bachok 17th March 2016 -1Visit and learn at UMK (Bachok Campus): 17th March 2016

This activity was the most looking forward by students. They were extremely excited about this program. Students having sightseeing in the campus they able to see animals, gardens full with nature and the style life of university. Students also visiting Beehive@UMK at Teniat while having their rest there.

Doa Selamat: 24th April 2016Doa Selamat 24th April 2016

This event held for the whole kindergarten community. Together pray to Allah with hoping this kindergarten will sustain and the business will run well. All the students love and like this kindergarten and even them hoping this kindergarten will continue giving knowledge to them.

Iftar (18th June 2016)Iftar (18th June 2016)

It was Ramadhan the Holy month. The community decided to have an Iftar with the students. Each of students brings a food that can share with others. The students learn something new which is giving and sharing foods with person who fasting will received a half from his good deed for that day.

Eid day Celebration (UMK 12th July 2016 & GERIC 21st July 2016)Eid day Celebration UMK 12th July 2016 & GERIC 21st July 2016 -1

Perintis Aulad Kindergarten was being invited to celebrate Eid day at Dewan Keushawanan, UMK and GERIC office. The UMK’s staff was welcoming kids to be the guest on that day. Students were so happy because they experienced so many things that day.

Visit John’s Bakery 9th November 2016 -1Visit John’s Bakery: 9th November 2016

This was the most exciting activity. The students could quite even for a second. They totally enjoyed all the process making pizza. Keep asking what they have to do next with the instructor. They learn each of the ingredients that needed to make pizza. Through this activity students able to be more creative by get to know new things while they experienced it.

Qaid’s Birthday Party: 16th November 2016Qaid’s Birthday Party 16th November 2016

This Birthday Party was wanted to celebrate the moments that students have cherished for the whole year together with friends, family and teachers. Big thanks to Qaid’s parents because they are the first staff from UMK support this kindergarten.

Green day 19th November 2016 -2Green day: 19th November 2016

Gotong-royong” together students to ensure this kindergarten look nice and beautiful. They even bring flowers to plants around the kindergarten. Students had teamwork with teachers to clean up all the mess plant flowers. Even though it were tiring, they proud because now, all the plants lively in the kindergarten.

Business time: 23rd January 2017Business time 23rd January 2017

It was good activity by exposing students into the real life of business. Together cooked “Nasi Lemak” and sell it with the UMK’s staff. In this activity student will apply their skills of communication, mathematics through calculation of the prices and body language when met up with customers. After this event, students are hoping there will be more this kind activities because they supremely like about business into the real life.

Baking class 8th February 2017 -2Baking class: 8th February 2017

Students like to see something new from before. This activity was made up for them to boost their brain how to make pancake and ways to eat it. They look so suspicious about it. So teacher show to them step by step and introduce to them ingredients that needed to make pancake. They experienced stir the pancake and knowing the correct way to stir. Pancake had been cooked by teacher (it involved with fire). After that, show to them 5 spread that can be eat with pancake which are kaya, butter, honey, blueberry jammed and chocolate.