BEEHIVE@UMK was founded by Prof Dr. Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad since 2013. The idea which originated from Paris, France, aims to enhance youth to be technologically savvy, creative,innovative, knowledgeable and skillful. It is hoped that these traits could be cultivated and nurtured through the formation of Entrepreneurship activities, Entrepreneurship Accelerator and Training Program for  Youth.


The VVIP during BEEHIVE launching in GERIC, Kuala Lumpur. From left: Madam Charlottee Hochman (Founder of WOW Labs), Mr. Edgard Kagan (Representative of U.S. Embassy), Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mortaza Mohamed (Vice Chancellor of UMK), Prof. Dr. Mohamad Kamal Hj Harun (Former Deputy Vice Chancellor of UMK) and Prof. Dr. Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad (Founder of BEEHIVE@UMK)


Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mortaza Mohamed, Vice Chancellor of UMK delivered his welcoming speech