Logo BatikWarni Aurora is a batik company’s brand by students from University Malaysia of Kelantan, which held by Futurizz Venture project under BEEHIVE@UMK staffed by Global Entrepreneurship Research Innovation Centre (GERIC). Warni Aurora was officially inaugurated on 20 September 2016 by YB Datuk Dr. Mary Yap Kain Ching as Deputy Minister of Higher Education of Malaysia at Entrepreneurship Hall, at University Malaysia of Kelantan.Logo Futurizz

Trigger ideas and inspiration in the production of the brand “Warni Aurora” is from UMK lecturer, which is the one and only Prof.Dr. Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad. As fully organised, Wan Muhammad Izzul Wan Nor Anas play a role which stand for a CEO of Warni Aurora and attended by Muhammad IsmaIffat  Mohd Nasir, Rohulmunir Ahmed, Tuan Nuranis Tuan Mat and Aisha Talha.

Qarya Art Studio as a student UMK companies also cooperate in terms of batik designs and floral motifs for Warni Aurora and get guidance from batik specialist, which is known as Mrs. Rashida binti Abdullah.

In mid-September, Warni Aurora given the opportunity to join together celebrates a grand new opening ceremony on Sunday at Fiesta Batik Malaysia 2016 which lasted for a week which was held at Hotel Perdana, Kota Bharu. It became a platform for new brands in industries such as Warni Aurora batik in introducing scarf batik (fully handmade) for first and only created in Malaysia.

So far, the market trade for Warni Aurora is focused in the production of batik scarf only. Among the collection of Warni Aurora batik scarf it can be specialized as Aurora Collection, Collection Province, Warni Collection, Flofau Collection and others. Each collection is different in terms of floral motifs and sizes.

Warni Aurora continues to move forward by continuing the legacy of this batik with working actively with the homeland one of the famous actress in ‘MokCun’ television drama series and known as Erma Fatima. This collaboration is able to raise the brand of Warni Aurora and become a competitor in the batik industry all over the country.

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  • Participate in Minggu Fiesta Batik Malaysia 2016
  • Appointed as a member of Action Group For Entrepreneurship (AGE) Council (2016-2017)


1. Fiesta Batik Malaysia Week

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2. Launching Warni Aurora by Futurizz Venture & Qarya Art Studio

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3. Sales at UniK19 Cube

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4. Sales at Karnival Pendidikan Tinggi Negara 2017

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